The Euchologion, or Trébnyk

The Euchologion (Gk., "prayer book";  Slav. Trebnyk, "book of needs") contains the rituals for the various Mysteries or sacraments, as well as a collection of priestly blessings.  (Those blessings reserved to the bishop are given in the Archieratikon.)

At one time, the term "Euchologion" referred to the Great Euchologion (Gk. Euchológion to méga;  Slav. Bolshói Ieréiskiy Molitvoslóv , "Large priestly prayer-book") - a single book that contained all the priest's prayers for the Divine Liturgies, the hours of prayer, and the sacraments and other services.  Eventually this book was split in two, to form the Liturgikon, containing the Divine Liturgies and the daily prayer services, and the Small Euchologion, or simply Euchologion, containing the other Mysteries and blessings.

Contents of the Euchologion

The Euchologion contains, first of all, the occasional services that make up the cycle of the Christian life:

The rite of Holy Baptism
The rite of Holy Chrismation
The rite of Confession
The rite of Holy Matrimony
The rite of Holy Ordination
The rite of Holy Anointing
The prayers for the dying
The funeral services

It also contains the prayers used by the priest in blessing objects for liturgical or non-liturgical use, in giving blessings on particular feast days, and in praying for special needs - hence the title sometimes given to the Euchologion, the "Book of Needs."

The Euchologion is sometimes printed in an abridged form containing only the most commonly needed services and blessings.

For an outline of the contents of the Euchologion, see the separate articles on the Žovka Trebnyk, Ruthenian Malyj Trebnyk and the Hamtramck Euchologion.

The Euchologion in Church Slavonic

In 1926, the Basilian Fathers published a Trebnyk at Žovka, near L'vov.  This euchologion contained an extensive set of services and blessings, along with prefaces similar to those in the Ritual Romanum of the Latin-Rite Catholic Church which explained sacramental theology

As part of the Ruthenian reform of the 1940's, a new Trebnyk for the Ruthenian Recension of the liturgy was published in Rome in 1947.  A smaller book, the Malyj Trebnyk (Small Trebnyk) was printed in 1952.  Both volumes are reprinted occasionally by the Vatican Polyglot Press, and can sometimes be found in used book stores.  The Malyj Trebnyk is available online, courtesy of Patronage of the Mother of God Catholic Church, Baltimore, Maryland.

The Euchologion in English

For many years, the standard Greek Catholic Euchologion in English has been the small volume Euchologion (Trebnyk): A Byzantine Ritual,  compiled by Father Demetrius Wysochansky, OSBM, and published in Hamtramck, Michigan (not dated; second revised edition, 1986).  

In addition, books or booklets for the various Mysteries have been prepared for use in the Byzantine Catholic Church.  Consult the pages on the individual rituals and occasional services for descriptions.,