Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know which materials are official and approved for use in church?

The Council of Hierarchs (bishops) of the Byzantine Catholic Church is responsible for overseeing the liturgy in our Church. In this work, they are advised by the Inter-Eparchial Liturgical Commission and the Inter-Eparchial Music Commission, who prepare liturgical texts and music for possible approval and promulgation by the Council of Hierarchs.

To date, the only official service books with music promulgated for use across the Byzantine-Ruthenian Metropolitan Churchof Pittsburgh are the following:

All other service books and leaflets are UNofficial, and you should check with your bishop or parish priest before using them in church. By the gracious permission of Metropolitan BASIL of Pittsburgh, the materials on this website may be used provisionally within the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, with the understanding that they are unofficial, subject to change, and should be considered superceded by any materials promulgated by the Council of Hierarchs.

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