MCI Vocal Course


Every person is capable of singing well. Naturally, some people have a more pleasing quality to their voice and seem to sing with an unconscious ease. But the development of good vocal technique can lead anyone to competently and confidently lift their voice to God.

Learning to sing well is a journey. The goal of this course is to accompany you on this journey by teaching you how to sing with a freely produced, rich, open and resonant sound – the kind of sound that can lead and inspire a congregation to pray.

This course is organized into the following nine lessons:

  1. Vocal Health for Cantors: How to care for your voice.
  2. Preliminary Warm-ups: Getting ready to sing.
  3. Posture: How to align your body to get the most from your voice.
  4. Breath: How to support the voice with a consistent air flow.
  5. Phonation or Sound Production: How the sound takes shape.
  6. Resonance: Creating the warmest, most pleasing and fullest tone.
  7. Articulation: The essentials of good singer’s diction.
  8. Integration: Putting it all together.
  9. The Case for Professional Instruction: Reasons for engaging the services of a qualified voice teacher.

The number assigned to each lesson does not necessarily denote a concrete order of study. None of these lessons exist in a vacuum – each element of good singing depends on all the others. That means you will often need to refer back and forth between lessons.

Work slowly and carefully through each of the lessons. Be patient and tenacious so that you can break old habits and establish new ones in their place. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Finally, always keep the “big picture” in mind. The Sacred Liturgies deserve our very best efforts. We should always practice thoroughly and seek to develop our skills to their highest level. All of this work and study is for the good of our Church and for the honor and glory of Almighty God. May He abundantly bless you for your willingness to commence this journey.