Where our Mother reigns in heaven

The text for Tam hde v nebi,  the Slavonic original of this hymn, was printed in 1974 in a small booklet from the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great, Uniontown, PA, titled Pisňi vo čest’ Materi Božoj Neustajuščoj Pomošči – in other words, hymns for services to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

One verse was printed (with an English translation) by Fr. William Levkulic in 1978. This hymn was NOT included in the 1985 Marian Hymnal, so I have had to rely on an unattributed manuscript for music.

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Rejoice, O purest Queen

Last year, we looked at the hymn, O Father Nicholas, which is sung to the same tune as the Marian hymn, Rejoice, O purest Queen (Radujsja Carice). At that time, we made some changes to the melody based on the oral tradition, and the English accents in our text. This blog entry continues that discussion.

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