Draft hymnal is done!

The draft version of the new hymnal is complete (for now) and has been sent to the Inter-Eparchial Music Commission for their review and improvement.

Here is the version that was submitted: Hymnal – draft – 2019-11

Formatting will be cleaned up a bit more before publication. In the meantime, if you find any errors or infelicities, please let me know and I will make sure they are fixed in the final version.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a cantor at St. Nicholas Church in Clinton Township, MI (formerly in Detroit). I have to apologize, I was not really aware of this project, nor of the timeline that you were marching towards. Is it too late to offer suggestions? If it’s not too late, who should I send them to? Do I have to go directly to the Inter-Eparchial Commission at this point?

    Please advise. In a very quick glance, I did notice some things immediately that I would like to propose/suggest.

    Please feel free to reply directly to my email address, if that’s easier.

    Best Regards,
    George Nagrant

      1. Hi Jeff,

        Thanks for the reply. This may take me a few days (at least) to review everything, but I will give it my best shot. One question– If I have feedback on multiple hymns, how would you suggest I provide that back to you? I’d rather not have to go into each individual link and itemize my responses, but if that’s how you want to keep things separated I can understand.

        Best Regards,

  2. Hello Deacon Jeff,

    Thanks for the reply. Given the other things taking up time during my days and evenings, it has taken me a little while to go through these. I have reviewed quite a bit, but only have had time so far to put my suggestions in writing for a few of them. I will continue to work on this, but for now, I will be sending you my feedback regarding just the “General Hymns” section. I have suggestions for the following hymns within this section:

    Hosts of Angels on High
    So Great is God
    Accept Me Today
    Come now to us, O Christ
    Give me your Body, O Christ
    I do believe
    Heavenly King, Comforter
    O Holy Spirit, Mighty Defender
    The Holy Spirit shall come upon you

    I have just sent all of these updates to the email address listed above. There were no separate blog links for these hymns, so I trust you will find a way to share these suggestions with the other cantors on this site and around the country.

    George Nagrant
    Cantor- St. Nicholas Church, Clinton Twp, MI
    Choir member, ECF singing teacher
    Lifelong Byzantine Catholic

    1. Reply sent to you directly! I will definitely incorporate some of your suggestions, and present others to the Music Commission.

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