The Tone 4 Samohlasen Melody


Use the music and recordings on this page to help you learn the Tone 4 samohlasen melody.

The Lamp-lighting Psalms on Saturday evening

As the church is incensed and the lamps are lit, we sing the first two verses of Psalm 140 to the samohlasen sticheron melody in the Tone of the first sticheron; on Saturday evening, this will almost always be in the Tone of the Week. Here is how these verses are sung in Tone 4.


After a series of recited (i.e., simply chanted) verses, we begin singing the stichera. Here are the first four Sunday stichera of the Resurrection in Tone 3, together with the psalm verses that would ordinarily come before each one..


The remaining stichera are sung in the same way: first a psalm verse, then a sticheron in the same tone. These stichera may come from the Octoechos, Menaion, Triodion, or Pentecostarion.

Finally, we sing "Glory, now and ever" to the samohlasen verse melody, and the dogmatikon in Tone 3 to the samohlasen sticheron melody.



The Lord's Prayer

Our Divine Liturgies book provides settings of the Lord's Prayer in all eight samohlasen tones. Here is the Our Father in Tone 3: