The Tone 2 Special Melody, "Jehda ot dreva"

This podoben or special melody is used when appointed in the liturgical books. It was originally written for the sticheron of Holy Friday: "When from the wood" (Jehda ot dreva), which describes how Joseph of Arimathea took the body of Christ down from the Cross.

Listen to this sticheron in Slavonic

Because of its use at Vespers on Great and Holy Friday, it is fairly familiar to most congregations, although the version of the melody used in the 1976 Holy Week books is somewhat abbreviated and modified. Here is the same sticheron from the MCI booklet for Vespers on Great and Holy Friday.

Here, the word "samopodoben" means this is the place in the liturgy where this melody was first used, or is most 'at home'.

For more examples, see the rest of the aposticha for Vespers on Great and Holy Friday.