Virgin, we beseech you

Occasionally we run into hymns with VERY similar titles. The Slavonic original of this hymn is Prosime T’a, D’ivo, šlem do Tebe hlas, while the hymn we know in English as From our hearts we sinners is Prosime T’a, D’ivo, hrišňiji userdno.

Here is version of Virgin, we beseech you in the Marian Hymnal (1984):

And here is the Slavonic.


In looking at the Slavonic, you may sometimes see some inconsistencies in capitalization: T’a / Tebe versus t’a / tebe, for example.

In general, pronouns in both English and Slavonic may be capitalized when referring to God, but are NOT capitalized (at least in MCI publications) when referring to the Mother of God or the saints.

In a few cases, especially when cribbing from work done years ago, I miss one, and I do NOT mind if you point them out.

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