Office hours, new menaion, and revision work

With the start of fall MCI Online classes and the beginning of a new liturgical year, we are making some additions to the Metropolitan Cantor Institute schedule.

“Office hours”

On Thursdays, I will be holding virtual office hours using Skype for MCI Online students, as well as cantors who have questions about upcoming music or MCI projects.

They will normally be held from 9-11 PM Eastern time; if for any reason they are cancelled, there will be a note on the MCI website,  To join, contact me on Skype (jeff.mierzejewski) approximately 15 minutes before you plan to join the office hours conference call.

Office hours will begin tomorrow, August 16, and continue through the end of September, at which point we will decide if they should be continued

New menaion project

I have received several requests to collect and collate all the music that has been set by the MCI for the liturgical year.  The entire Menaion (for Vespers, Matins, Divine Liturgy, etc) is entirely too large a project at the moment, but it should be quite possible to collect most of this material, a month at a time.

So beginning in September, I will be collecting the Vespers stichera, certain Matins hymns, and the hymns of the Divine Liturgy for each day, and putting them online.  Where texts are not available, users will be pointed  to appropriate commons.

Fine-tuning of existing music

As part of the work on a menaion, I will also be making some updates, corrections, and “tuning changes” to the MCI-provided music for these hymns, especially in places where they do not match the standard forms of the melodies set by the Inter-Eparchial Liturgical Commission.

As a result, the links in the Liturgical Calendar will be removed from September 1 onward, and re-established as music is reviewed.  Any music that is updated will have a revision date at the bottom of the first page.

If you are interested in reviewing this music as it is revised, drop me a note at

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