Truly, Zion’s People

Here is another hymn for the Philippian Fast – this one by J. Michael Thompson, the founding director of the Metropolitan Cantor Institute.

This piece comes from a larger collection containing hymns for each Sunday of the liturgical year, as well as weekday and feast-day hymns.

QUESTION: would you rather see “new songs” such as these included in a comprehensive hymnal, or should there be separate books for “old” and “new” hymns?

3 thoughts on “Truly, Zion’s People”

  1. I would also like to see one comprehensive hymnal. I always liked the weekly hymn that we used to have with the wording on the days message reflected. It made coming up with an appropriate hymn an easier task and I always thought it emphasized the theme of the day.

  2. I vote for one hymnal.

    We have used the above hymn for a number of years. Children really love it! It’s a melody the people know.

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