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Beautiful holy Queen

Current version

Here is the version in the Marian Hymnal (1984):

Boh predvicnyj

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And here is the Slavonic. (Does anyone know where this comes from, by the way?)


This hymn is well-known, and sung with gusto. The only problems I have with it are grammatical:

1. The refrain is not a complete sentence:

Everyone who prays to you, bowing line before your throne,
Where you shine with radiance in your love, so well-lnown.

Proposed solution: "Every Christian prays to you...." would keep the rhythm and is theologically reasonable (certainly every Christian OUGHT to honor God's mother...)

2. The second verse is grammatically odd:

Mother of Jesus Christ, wearing her splendid crown,
At the court of the Lord, shines on us from her throne.

One could change this to a direct address ("Mother of Jesus Christ.... shine on us from your throne.") but that doesn't seem like much of an improvement. I am inclined to leave it alone.

After some discussion, I decided to go with the suggestion of cantor George Nagrant, changing "Everyone to prayers to you" to "Joy to all who pray to you." We might also change the second verse to address the Theotokos directory ("wearing YOUR splendid crown.... shine on us....."

Thoughts or suggestions?

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