Lectionary, Feast-day, and

Other Newly-Composed Spiritual Songs

Marian Hymns

Hymns in honor of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary are often sung before the Divine Liturgy, as well at services such as Molebens or Akathists, and on pilgrimages. Additional hymns to the Mother of God can be found in the Marian Hymnal, available from the  Byzantine Seminary Press.

Festal Hymns

The following hymns are for particular days in the Church's calendar, to be sung before or after the Divine Liturgy.

Seasonal Hymns

Hymns for Sundays

The following newly-written hymn texts, set to familiar Rusyn melodies, are based on the Gospel and Epistle readings for each Sunday in the Byzantine Lectionary.  These are meant to provide additional options for singing BEFORE the Divine Liturgy, helping the faithful to focus on the Word of God which will be proclaimed that day.