The Tone 4 Prokeimenon Melody


See the introduction for an explanation of how to sing this melody, and the detailed analysis for its history and variants.

Prokeimenon of the Resurrection, Tone 4:

Prokeimenon of Bright Wednesday, and the Saturday after Nativity:

Prokeimenon of the Fathers (Sundays of the Council Fathers, Sunday of Orthodoxy, Maternity of Holy Anna, the two Sundays before the Nativitya):

Prokeimenon of All Saints (Sunday after Pentecost, Sunday after the Nativity, and of venerable women and women-martyrs):

Prokeimenon of Palm Sunday, and Theophany:

Prokeimenon of the Dedication of the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem (September 13):

Prokeimenon of the holy Angels:

Prokeimenon of the Annunciation:

Prokeimenon of holy prophets:

Prokeimenon of martyrs and unmercenary healers:

Prokeimenon for general intentions:

Prokeimenon of thankgiving:

Prokeimenon for the help of the Holy Spirit:

Vespers Prokeimenon for Monday evening:

Alleluia in Tone 4: