Magnification and Irmos

of the Meeting of our Lord with Simeon and Anna

The following hymns are sung at the Divine Liturgy in place of "It is truly proper"on the feast of the Meeting (February 2).

After the priest prays the Epiclesis and the beginning of the commemorations, concluding:

... especially for our holy, most pure, most blessed and glorious Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.

the faithful sing the magnification of the Meeting:

The magnification does not follow the usual pattern, either in text or melody. Instead, the text is a plea for the protection of the Theotokos, whose intercession in Constantinople on behalf of the faithful led to the feast's inclusion in the calendar of the Byzantine Rite. The melody is more chromatic than the usual magnification melody, coming to a climax on the word "save." The four phrases should be sung as smoothly as possible.

a simple setting using the Tone 6 irmos melody:

and a setting using the Tone 3 melody appointed in the chant books for this irmos: