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Writing down prostopinije: musical notation for plainchant

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A singer listening to prostopinije for the very first time would have difficulty time determing what the meter of the music is. Many two-note groups occur, as do groups of three notes;  occasionally a note is held for double the usual duration, or even four times the usual duration (usually at the end of the piece).  But the music is neither in 2/4 time, 3/4 time, nor 4/4 time;  it is something else entirely - something both simpler, and more complicated, than ordinary metered music.

Looking at notated music would not immediately resolve the difficulty, as prostopinije is written down without time signatures.  Furthermore, the bar lines divide the music into phrases, rather than measures of equal length.

The essential rhythm of Prostopinije

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Tempo and tempo markings


 Dynamics and articulation


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