August 1

Great DoxologyThe procession of the Wood of the venerable and life-creating Cross. This feast was established in the reign of the Greek Emperor Manuel, as a memorial of Greek victory over the Saracens. The procession with the relic of the Precious Cross was made from the imperial palace to the church of Hagia Sophia; there the relic remained for fourteen days, and was then carried back in procession to the church in the palace grounds.

The holy seven Maccabees, their mother Solomonia, and the elder Eleazar at Antioch in Syria, under Antiochus Epiphanes the king. For the sake of keeping the law of the Lord with unconquered faith, they were cruelly handed over to death with their mother. She suffered with her sons as they were martyred, one by one, and was crowned with them, as it is written in the second book of the Maccabees [2 Mac. 7]. Likewise is commemorated St. Eleazar, one of the first scribes, a man of advanced age. In that same persecution, refusing to eat forbidden meat on account of his love for the Torah of the Lord, he achieved a most glorious death rather than a shameful life; he voluntarily went to his punishment, leaving an excellent example of virtue.

At Vespers

music (samohlasen)

There are six stichera at "O Lord, I have cried": three for the cross, and three for the holy martyrs.

Tone 4, special melody Zvannyj svyše byv. Today all the faithful rejoice; * for the glorious Cross appears throughout the world. * It brightens the universe with an indescribable radiance, * illuminates the skies, and encompasses the whole earth. * The Church of Christ sings spiritual songs and ministers in faith * and venerates the divine and most wondrous Cross * which preserves her from on high. * Strengthened now by this heavenly power, * let us approach the Master, crying: * Give peace to the world and enlighten our souls.

Let all creation rejoice and celebrate, * for today the Cross has appeared in the heavens * spreading to the ends of the earth, * thus enlightening and gathering those who have gone astray. * Today people rejoice with the angels, * for by the Cross the wall of opposition has been destroyed, * and it has united all into one. * Therefore, shining brighter than the sun, * the Cross enlightens all creation by grace, * makes all things comprehensible, * and saves all those who honor it with faith.

The divine Cross clearly shines over all the earth * as a precious scepter of Christ the King; * it shines brighter than the dawn, * thereby preparing all for their destiny. * This same Cross has raised human nature from bondage * and completely despoiled it. * Crushing the enemy, it has utterly destroyed the arrogance of the devils. * And now it manifests beforehand the resurrection of the Savior, * redeeming those who cry out: * Give peace to the world and enlighten our souls.

Tone 1, special melody Vsechvalnyj mučenicy. Torment did not shake the roof of the law * which was held aloft by the seven pillars; * for these seven, noble, and young brothers * courageously endured the senseless fury of their persecutor, * as they gave their bodies to sufferings, * thus proving themselves the guardians of the law of Moses.

These pious and brave youths lifted their minds to heavenly things * when their limbs were cut off. * They shared of the wisdom of God with their mother; * they were strengthened by their hopes which were fulfilled. * Now they rest in the bosom of their forefather, Abraham.

The most holy Eleazar, * together with the wise young men and their pious mother, * firmly armed themselves with the confidence of youth, * as if to gain courage in their wrath, * and steadily attacked their enemy for the sake of piety, * in order to preserve the law of their fathers.

Glory – Tone 8. The holy Maccabees cried out to the tyrant: * O Antiochus, for us there is only one King who is God, * through whom we have been created and to whom we shall return. * Another world, higher and more lasting than this awaits us. * Our homeland is the heavenly Jerusalem, * strong and indestructible. * With the angels she celebrates this solemn feast. * By their prayers, have mercy on us, O Lord, and save us.

Now and ever – in the same tone. Your Cross, O Christ our God, * which we sinners venerate today with unworthy lips, * was prefigured by Moses when he cast down Amalek whom he defeated, * and when David the Psalmist and your footstool cried out. * You have been pleased to be nailed upon it. * We beg You, Lord, together with the thief, * make us worthy of your kingdom.

[The Uniontown Festal menaion has readings, and later, a full set of aposticha. Where do these come from?]

The aposticha are from the Octoechos, concluding with:

Glory – Tone 4.  The souls of the just are in the hands of the Lord. * As Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our forefathers before the Law, * so now we praise their offspring, the Maccabees. * For these persevering sons of Abraham * emulated the faith of their forefather, * and for the sake of godliness, they wrestled even unto death. * For being piously reared as followers of the Law, * they reproved the godlessness of the proud Antiochus. * Because of eternal life, they disdained the things of earthly life. * They offered their whole being to God: * their soul and courage, their feelings and young bodies, * and the reward of those raised in purity. * O pious root from which the Maccabees have flowered for us, * O holy mother who has borne seven children, * O Maccabees, with your mother Solomonia and Eleazar the wise priest, * we pray you to make earnest supplication for all, * as you stand beside Christ our God for whom you have labored * and now enjoy the fruits of your works. * For He does as He wills, * and fulfills the wishes of those who honor Him with faith.

Now and ever – in the same tone. O God, the voice of your prophet Moses was heard crying out: * Look at your life present before you. * Today the Cross is lifted up and the world is set free from error. * Today the resurrection of Christ is renewed, * and the ends of the earth rejoice exceedingly, * offering a hymn on the cymbals of David, saying: * O God, You worked salvation in the world * by your crucifixion and resurrection, * and by this You have saved us. * O Lord, in your love for all, * You are good and all-powerful; glory to you!

The troparia:

Troparion,  Tone 1.  We beseech You, O Lord; * and through the sufferings these saints endured for your sake, * we implore You to heal all our infirmities.

Glory, now and ever – Troparion, Tone 1. Save your people, O Lord, and bless your inheritance; * grant victory to your Church over evil, * and protect your people by your cross.

At the Divine Liturgy

music - see the August Menaion

Troparion, Tone 1.  Save your people, O Lord, and bless your inheritance. * Grant victory to your Church over evil, * and protect your people by your cross.

Glory – Kontakion, Tone 4.   Christ our God, who were willingly raised upon the cross, * grant your mercies to the new people who bear your name. * By your power grant joy to the Church. * Give her victory over evil * with your invincible trophy, the weapon of peace, * as an ally.

Prokeimenon, Tone 6 (Ps. 27:9,1). Save your people, O Lord, and bless your inheritance.
V. To you, O Lord, I cry out: My God, be not silent to me.

and then immediately:
Prokeimenon, Tone 4 (Ps. 15:3,8). To all the saints in his land, * the Lord has shown all the wonders of his will.

Epistle:  1 Corinthians 1:18-24 (for the Cross) and Hebrews 11:33-40 (for the martyrs)

Alleluia, Tone 4 (Ps. 73:2,12). Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
V. Remember your flock which you acquired long ago.
V. God is our king from all ages. He has accomplished salvation in the middle of the earth.
V. The just cried out and the Lord heard them, and rescued them from all their distress.

Gospel: John 19:6-11, 13-20, 25-28, 30b-35a (for the Cross) and Matthew 10:32-40 (for the martyrs)

Communion Hymn, for the Cross (Ps. 4:7). We have been signed, O Lord, with the light of your face. Alleuia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Communion Hymn, for the martyrs (Ps. 32:1). Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones; praise from the upright is fitting. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!