June 23

The holy martyr Agrippina was born and brought up in Rome. From a young age, she resolved to have no spouse except Christ alone. She suffered cruel torments for the faith in the reign of the emperor Valerian. (275)

At Vespers

music (samohlasen)

At "O Lord, I have cried": three stichera from the Octoechos, and three for the holy martyr.

Tone 4, special melody Dal jesi znamenie.  If Rome is a garden, * then you are a beautiful rose blooming therein, * O Agrippina who fought the good fight, * for you perfume the hearts of believers * with the gentle fragrance of your virtues; * and by grace, you take away the stale smell of the passions, * O strong support of the Church and jewel of martyrs, * sea of miracles and glory of virgins.

Christ our God has granted you to Sicily * as a pearl of great price, O martyr of Rome. * There, by your presence and protection, * you drive away the multitude of dark demons. * Thus we call you blessed * and celebrate today your holy passion, O Agrippina, * who fought the good fight.

By order of him who carries all things, * O martyr Agrippina, * Paul and Bassa carried you from place to place * and even across the wide sea, * while you worked miracles by the grace of God. * Then you rested in the place where God wished, ( there to offer rest to the oppressed..

Glory, now and ever – Theotokion, or Stavrotheotokion

The aposticha are from the Octoechos.

Troparion,  Tone 4. You shared in the apostles’ way of life * and succeeded to their throne, * divinely inspired bishop. * You found access to contemplation in the active life. * Therefore, you rightly taught the word of truth * and struggled for the faith to the shedding of your blood. * O priest-martyr Eusebius, * pray to Christ our God to save our souls.

At the Divine Liturgy

music - see the June Menaion

Troparion,  Tone 4. You were overcome with love of the heavenly Lord * and turned from the world and the care of the flesh. * You endured the afflictions imposed upon you, saying: * Receive me into your love, O Christ, King of ages, * for I am being consumed for you. * Make those who honor you happy in his mercy, * O most praiseworthy martyr Agrippina.

Glory – Kontakion, Tone 4.  The radiant day of your shining virtues has arrived. * On this day the Church of God honors you * and calls all to cry out joyfully: * Rejoice, O virgin and martyr, most honorable Agrippina.

Prokeimenon, Tone 4 (Ps. 67:36,27). God is wondrous in his saints, the God of Israel.
V. In the churches bless God; from Israel's wellsprings bless the Lord.

Epistle:  (of the day)

Alleluia, Tone 1 (Ps. 39:2,3). Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
V. I have waited, waited for the Lord, and he stooped toward me and heard my cry.

Gospel: (of the day)

Communion Hymn (Ps. 32:1). Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones; praise from the upright is fitting. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!