June 12

Six sticheraOur venerable father Onuphry the Great, anchorite, who piously spent his life for sixty years in the desolate wilderness. (400)

Our venerable father Peter of Mount Athos, a soldier by profession. Captured and imprisoned by the Arabs, he was miraculously freed. He immediately set out for Rome, where he was tonsured a monk by the Pope. He was guided in a vision to Mt. Athos, and spent thirty-five years in the ascetic life. (734)

At Vespers

music (samohlasen)

At "O Lord, I have cried" , there are six stichera, three for each of the venerable fathers.

Tone 8, special melody O preslavnoho čudese. O divinely-wise father Onuphry, * you cut yourself off from the tumult of the world, * and ascended to celestial perfection, * having desired him who is the Source of all good things; * and there you attained true love, O blessed one. * Illumined with that true light, * rescue us from the darkness of sin * by your supplications.

O divinely-wise father Onuphry! you endured the cold of night and the burning heat of day * in your hope of things to come, * O venerable one! * And having mortified your members here on earth, * you have received the life of heaven, * and have entered joyously into the bridal chamber, O holy one, * to behold the infinite beauty of your Creator.

O divinely-wise father Onuphry, the glorious Paphnutius found you in the desert * hidden like a treasure, * and he clearly proclaimed to those in the world * the corrections of your struggles, * and enriched the faithful with his account * of your God-pleasing life, O all-praised one! * By your supplications, O glorious one, * show us to be imitators of your life.

Tone 8, special melody O preslavnoho čudese. We have recognized you, O venerable one, * as the namesake of the divine Peter, * who truly followed him * and piously shared in his zeal for the Faith; * for you loved the good Law and desired its divine precepts, O father, * and adorned your souls with all the virtues. * Wherefore, we honor and bless you.

O venerable and most rich father, * through compunction of soul * you obtained true patience, love unfeigned, * steadfast hope and perfect humility. * In this way you became a temple of the divine Spirit. * Having received his light in purity, * you became to mortals a secondary sun, * through the purity of your life.

O venerable and divinely-inspired father, * though you hid, unseen, on earth for many years, * you still became known through the Spirit * by many signs and wonders, * and by the sweet savor of myrrh, * for you poured forth a living radiance and holiness, * truly showing the grace of the divine Spirit to those who love you.

Glory – Tone 6. O venerable father, * the whole world is filled with the fame of your holy deeds; * through them, you have received the recompense of your labors in heaven. * You destroyed hordes of demons * and have been united to the choirs of angels, * whose pure lives you imitated. * By your boldness with Christ our God, ask peace for our souls!


O venerable fathers, * the sound of your corrections * has gone forth into all the earth. * Because of this, you have found * the reward of your labors in the heavens, * have destoryed the hordes of demons, * and attained membership in the angels' ranks, * whose lives you emulated blamelessly. * As you have boldness before the Lord, * asl for his peace for our souls.

Now and ever – Theotokion, or Stavrotheotokion

The aposticha are from the Octoechos, concluding with:

Glory – Tone 6.  Having preserved unharmed * that which was created according to the image of God, * and through fasting established your mind * over all pernicious passions * to arrive at the likeness of God, * insofar as you were able. * Having manfully done violence to your nature, * you strove to make the baser subject to the higher, * enslaving the flesh to the spirit. * By this you have been show to be the summit of monastics, * citizens of the desert, teachers of those who run the good race, * the manifest rule of the virtues. * And now in heaven, where you no longer see through a glass darkly * but behold the Holy Trinity in purity, * pray for those who honor you with faith and love.

Troparion,  Tone 4. You became a brilliant general * in the real armies of the King of heaven, * O Theodore the Triumphant. * You fought courageously with the weapons of faith * and put the legions of demons to flight. * Therefore we praise you with fervor at all times.

At the Divine Liturgy

music - see the June Menaion

Troparion of Onuphry,  Tone 1. You entered the desert, being led by spiritual yearning; * and you fought in it for many years like an angel. * You are the equal of Elijah and the Baptist, * and you were delighted by the sacred mysteries ministered by angel hands. * Now that you have gone to them in the Trinity’s light, * pray for us who venerate your memory.

Troparion of Peter,  Tone 8. The mountain of Athos rejolces, * inviting all the monastic choirs to praise you. * We join with them in singing to you, * O venerable Peter, * and we lay our petition before you: * Seek peace for the world and mercy for our souls.

Glory – Kontakion of Onuphry, Tone 3.  Illumined by the light of the most Holy Spirit, * you turned your back on the distractions of this life. * Taking up your life in the desert, O venerable father, * you greatly pleased God our Creator. * For this reason, Christ exalts you, O blessed saint.

Now and ever – Kontakion of Peter, Tone 2.  Leaving the company of mortals, * you took up residence in caves and caverns, * inspired by your love of God * and the ardent burning desire of your soul. * You received a crown from God for this. * Now pray unceasingly for all of us to be saved.

Prokeimenon, Tone 7 (Ps. 115:6,3). Precious in the eyes of the Lord * is the death of his faithful.
V. What can I return to the Lord for all he has given me?

Epistle:  Galatians 5:22 - 6:2

Alleluia, Tone 6 (Ps. 111:1,2). Alleuia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
V. Happy the man who fears the Lord and greatly delights in his command.
V. His posterity will be mighty upon the earth.

Gospel:   Matthew 11:27-30

Communion Hymn (Ps. 32:1). Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones; praise from the upright is fitting. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!