April 4

Our venerable father, Joseph the Hymnographer, priest, who, as a monk, when the destroyers of holy icons were raging, was sent to Rome to seek the protection of the Apostolic See, and, after he had been afflicted with many trials, finally took custody of the holy vessels of the Church of Holy Wisdom. (883)

Our venerable father, George of Maleon pursued asceticism at a monastery on Mount Malea in the Peloponessus, and here also he died. In the service to him, the monk George is supplicated as an earthly angel and wonderworker. (9th century)

At Vespers

music (samohlasen)

At "O Lord, I have cried", there are three stichera for the venerable father Joseph, and the stichera for the venerable father George.

Tone 2, special melody Jehda ot dreva.  You took your cross upon your shoulder and crucified yourself to the world. * You followed in the steps of God the Word * who created everything out of nothingness, as he said, * and you shook off the love of the world and every passionate attachment. * Therefore, shining in virtue, O father, through divine works, * you received an eternal inheritance.

You were revealed to be a mystical clarion * rousing all to spiritual hymnody, * You were a harp sounded by God, praising the ranks of God, * glorifying all the saints and proclaiming their virtues. * For you drew forth an abyss of words from the springs of salvation, * giving drink to the house of God.

Crucified with love, you were revealed to be a treasury of virtues. * Chanting sacred hymns, you sought out all who were well-pleasing to God in their lives. * You emulated with faith their divine corrections, * sharing in them in a godly way. * You were revealed to be a partaker of sweetness.

Tone 1. As a beautiful vessel of dispassion containing the radiance of life, O all-blessed father George, by abstinence you enslaved the passions to your thought. You were a destroyer of the demons and a healer of sufferings, O right wondrous one.

Let George now be praised, who was the pure vial of the divine Spirit, the well-spring of miracles, the pillar of monastics, the meek emulator of the meek Christ, the earthly angel and heavenly man.

Steering the ship of your soul toward the calm harbor, you escaped the turmoil of life as from the waves of the sea, and you soared aloft to God, away from the earth, and were shown to be like an angel while yet in the flesh.

Glory, now and ever – Theotokion, or Stavrotheotokion

Troparion,  Tone 4.  God of our fathers, you always deal with us in your kindness. * Take not your mercy away from us; * but through their prayers guide our life in peace.

At the Divine Liturgy

music - see the April Menaion

Troparion,  Tone 4.  God of our fathers, you always deal with us in your kindness. * Take not your mercy away from us; * but through their prayers guide our life in peace.

Glory – Kontakion of Joseph, Tone 4.  You are a never-ending fountain of lasting penance, * an unending river of comfort, * and a depth of goodness, O Joseph. * Give us tears of celestial repentance * by which we might cry out in seeking your help * and find comfort through you, O holy one.

Now and ever – Kontakion of George, Tone 3.  You sought to be a friend of Christ, * and so you turned from worldly distraction. * You lived like an angel on earth, O George. * Therefore, we are in awe of your holy passing. * Beg Christ our God to have mercy on us.

Prokeimenon, Tone 7 (Ps. 115:6,3). Precious in the eyes of the Lord * is the death of his faithful.
V. What can I return to the Lord for all he has given me?

Epistle:  (of the day)

Alleluia, Tone 6 (Ps. 111:1,2). Alleuia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
V. Happy the man who fears the Lord and greatly delights in his command.
V. His posterity will be mighty upon the earth.

Gospel: (of the day)

Communion Hymn (Ps. 111:6,7). The just man will be remembered forever; evil news he will not fear. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!