Troparion of Pascha - “Christ is risen”

The troparion of Pascha is probably the best-known of this entire class of hymns of the Byzantine Rite:

Christ is risen from the dead!
By death he trampled death
and to those in the tombs he granted life!

In Church Slavonic:

Christós voskrése iz mértvych,
smértiju smert' popráv,
i súščym vo hrobích živót darováv.

Throughout the Paschal season, this hymn is sung at the beginning and end of every liturgical service; and on the feast of Pascha and for the six days afterward, it is sung frequently throughout the Divine Liturgy, replacing other hymns.

Singing the troparion of Pascha

According to the liturgical books, this hymn is sung in tone 5, but the actual "tone 5 melody" for the Paschal troparion is a special one used for no other hymn. Since this troparion is repeated so many times in the services, it is typically sung in a range of different melodies, and may be sung in several languages as well.

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