Paschal Hours

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It is often said that the services of Pascha and Bright Week - our seven-day continuous celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord - are "characterized by their joy and brevity." This is nowhere more evident than in the Paschal Hours - the special form that the daytime Hours take for these seven days.

The Structure of the Paschal Hours

On the day of Pascha, and on each of the days of Bright week, a single short service is taken in place of each one of the Hours - the First, Third, Sixth, and Ninth Hours of the Divine Office - and the service of Typika. This service, called the Paschal Hours, consists entirely of Hymns of the Resurrection; it is sung throughout, and easily memorized.

It consists of the following order of prayer:

The Metropolitan Cantor Institute has prepared an eight-page booklet with the complete text of the Paschal Hours, with music.

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