Hymn of Light for Pascha: "You, O King and Lord"

This hymn of light is sung three times after the canon at Matins on Pascha, during Bright Week, and on most days of the Paschal season:

You, O King and Lord, have fallen asleep
in the flesh, as a mortal man;
but on the third day, you arose.
You have raised Adam from his corruption,
and made Death powerless.
You are the Pasch of incorruption.
You are the salvation of the world.

In Church Slavonic:

Plótiju usnúv jáko mertv
Carjú i Hóspodi,
tridnéven voskrésl jesí,
Adáma vozdvích ot tli,
i uprazdnív smért:
Páscha netl’ínija, míra spasénije.

Usually, the priest sings the hymn the first time, and the faithful repeat it twice more.

See the special melody for this hymn.

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