The page lists the online courses that are part of the Metropolitan Cantor Institute's cantor education curriculum. Courses generally last 4-8 week; within each week, students may do the work at a time of their own choosing.

Basic Course

These courses cover the basics of liturgy and chant. A student who has completed these courses is qualified to serve as an assistant cantor, and occasionally lead the singing at an ordinary Sunday Divine Liturgy.

More than once course may be taken at a time, as long as course prerequisites are met.

Intermediate Course

The intermediate program builds on the topics presented in the basic course, and leads toward certification as a fully-trained cantor. These three courses must be taken first:

The remaining courses may be taken in any order:

Once all courses have been completed satisfactorily, the student may request an in-person final examination.

Master classes

These course may be offered in the future. They are NOT required for cantor certification.