First steps toward a hymnal

At the request of the Inter-Eparchial Music Commission, the Metropolitan Cantor Institute is sponsoring initial work on a hymal – that is, a collection of paraliturgical hymns for singing before and after the Divine Liturgy, and on other church occasions as well.

On Saturday, October 2, 2016, we held a workshop on paraliturgical hymns at which we sang through a variety of our hymns, and discussed what might go into the proposed hymnal.  A complete recording of this workshop is now available, along with the handout that was distributed.

Please take a listen, and if you have thoughts on the subject, or things you’d like to suggest go into the new collection, please leave a comment here!

7 thoughts on “First steps toward a hymnal”

  1. I would like to see any Pascha hymns included – We sing Christ Is Risen, Joy from Heaven”

    Also regarding the Matins at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Fr. Andrew Summerson has put together booklets, Tone 1 through Tone 8 without using the large Matins book. If there is anyway to get this on the website, that would be a wonderful addtion.

    1. Hi Liz, I made the basis for those books while I was the music director at the Byzantine Catholic Cultural Center. I have the originals if you would like.

  2. Yes, please include hymns for Pascha.

    Regarding Matins at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Parma, Fr. Andrew Summerson put together easy to follow booklets from Tone 1 through Tone 8. If there is anyway that could be posted on MCI, that would be helpful to those churches wanting to do Matins.

    1. I agree with Fr. Andrew: 3 or 4 part harmonies for all the hymns would be very good. I imagine that is part of the plan, though, since these hymns are all available already with the melody only on the MCI website.

  3. Even with harmonisations, there are often different ways to arrange them, some simple and some more complex. For congregational singing I would suggest simpler arrangements. Even simple harmonisations though can be done differently.

  4. I’m all for this long overdue project. I like what I see so far. I would suggest adding as many hymns as possible with the familiar translations. I doubt we will see another hymnal project for the next fifty or one hundred years.

    We need more hymns for Pascha. We are sorely lacking in that area. I would also like to see hymns for St. Michael, Sts. Peter & Paul and other saints.

    I think the people’s music should be kept as simple as possible. Harmonizations in the book would result in people leaving the books unsed in the pew racks. Few have studied music or have a strong musical background as Fr. Andrew. Special books can be made for those who want harmonizations.

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